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Clinton Park Rendering
One New (and zig-zagged) Reason To Love Hell's Kitchen
Nestled on the edge of Hell's Kitchen next to Dewitt Clinton Park lies one of Midtown West's newest additions. Designed by TEN Arquitectos, Enrique Norton, the new rental development by Two Trees Management is set to open in 2012 and is zig-zagging its way into notoriety. The development known as Clinton Park will be a 30 story, 675 unit mixed use building which includes NYPD stable space and a standard setting Mercedes-Benz dealership.
Midtown West
Froggr Guide to Midtown West
Midtown as a whole is the most heavily used commercial district in the United States today and holds the title for one of the most diversely used pieces of real estate in the world. Midtown West has much to do with the areas immense success. The area is bounded by 6th to 12th Avenues and 34th to 59th Streets. This 25 block area alone holds Hell's Kitchen, the Theater District and much of Times Square and the Garment District.
Tower Verre
The Sky's The Limit For Midtown, FiDi
The sky is the limit for not only a select number of developers bank accounts but the buildings themselves too. These soon to be built and completed buildings defy convention as some of the city's tallest and most inventive undertakings in recent years.
34 Berry
Williamsburg Reinvents The Market
The downfall of the condominium throughout much of NYC during the financial crisis has had its benefits for some...A few developers have stayed afloat and even flourished in the condo turned rental game. Some of the newest and more popular properties in Williamsburg have been the perfect example for developers of how to play their cards right and still luck out in a down market.
The Corner
Froggr Feature: The Corner
One of the Upper West Side's newest luxury rentals, The Corner, has been noted for its unique outer design, varying layouts and stylish features. Designed by the minds behind the Millennium Tower Residences and Aria, Handel Architects have created a standout curved glass tower where every residence is guaranteed sweeping views.
Lincoln Center Presents: Benno's Lincoln
However, fear did not seem to stop former Per Se chef, Johnathan Benno, from creating his Italian inspired Upper West Side restaurant, Lincoln. Although, $20 million and a Lincoln Center backing helps to squelch much of that fear. Opening on September 24th, the new addition to the Lincoln Center renovations will host its official launch.
Taste The Season in Chelsea
The weather is starting to cool down and Autumn leaves are coming soon. While we can't enjoy outdoor eating and great summer weather all the time, a few Chelsea favorites remind us of the flavorful and fresh tastes of summer year round.
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

No More Re-Gifting in 2010

After giving your loved ones the same ties, bubble bath and knit sweaters year after year it is time to break free of the cycle. This year avoid having your presents re-gifted by going to the BUST Magazine Craftacular on December 12th, 2010. Starting at 10AM, over 300 vendors will be offering one of a kind hand-made pieces from jewelry to body products. 

If you get hungry shopping vendor to vendor, stop by one of the many food trucks that will be there as well. Your favorite trucks including Frits 'n' Meats and the Treats Truck will be in attendance. To really take part in the holiday spirit, the admission is only $2 and the first 500 shoppers will win great swag bags filled with presents. 

Actress and author, Amy Sedaris, will also be in attendance to sign her new book and offer some comic relief at the all day event. Ensure you don't get coal this winter by bringing gently used coats for the on-site New York Cares coat drive and be entered into the BUST gift certificate raffle. Happy Holidays!

For more event information, visit the website here.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Froggr Guide to TriBeCa

The neat little triangle that rests below Canal Street comes from humble beginnings. Once full of storage warehouses, the neighborhood has become a staple for the upscale New York lifestyle. The former industrial neighborhood has inherited the luxurious lifestyles of the Financial District and the artistic quaint of SoHo. The transformation over the last few decades into one of Manhattan' most expensive neighborhoods and celebrity hangout is increasingly well deserved. 


The 1 Train at Franklin Street
Tribeca area service includes the A/C/E and 1 train at Canal Street, the 1/2/3 and A/C at Chambers, the R/W at City Hall, the 2/3 at Park Place and the 1 at Franklin Street. Aside from the well covered area, nothing stands out about Tribeca transportation. It is not as grand and wide scale as Columbus Circle or Times Square. 

What makes the unspectacular service in the area special is that it gives residents an opportunity to experience walking through the architecturally significant neighborhood. On a lazy Sunday walk around and take note of the 19th century brick homes along Harrison Street, the cast iron and limestone facade factories or the popular loft style residences.

Local Attractions

Classic Tribeca Film Festival signage
If your lucky, you can walk down the streets of Tribeca and come across celebrities and models who live in the area. Populated by the likes of Robert DeNiro, Adriana Lima and power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce, Tribeca is the star gazers haven. However, for those of you who aren't stalkers there are other attractions that will suffice.  

The Tribeca Film Festival and Taste of Tribeca Festival take place annually. The Tribeca Film Festival has occurred annually since 2002 and is internationally renowned. Started by Robert DeNiro and Jane Rosenthal, the festival has screened over 1200 films from 80 different countries. A number of actors and directors personally attend the screenings. The festival as a whole encompasses the ESPN Sports Film Festival, Family Festival Street Fair and various workshops and lectures for film makers.

Taste of Tribeca draws major crowds in 2010
The Taste of Tribeca Festival was started as a way to raise funds for school programming by P.S. 150 and P.S. 134. Restaurants and top chefs from around the city prepare gourmet selections, participate in cook-offs, offer food walking tours and of course, tastings. Each ticket comes with 6 tastings from restaurants such as Nobu, Grandaisy Bakery, Bouley and Amish Market.

One of the great attractions that is in Tribeca every day of the year is Hudson River Park. On everyday of the year people can be found in Hudson River Park. Piers 25 and 34 supply Tribeca with a family playground, skate park, telescopes and basketball courts. Other than special events such as concerts held year-round, additions to come are mini golf, a water taxi and sand volleyball.


Top sirloin, one of the choice cuts at Riodizio
While many of those who are high up in the social rungs venture to the Upper West Side for expensive restaurants like Nobu and Bouley, Tribeca residents do not even have to get on a train. Some of the same highly rated restaurants have second locations in the trendy neighborhood. Even though Tribeca shares some Upper West Side dining favorites, they have a unique flavor all of their own.

Full of culture and artistry, Tribeca puts a spin on the traditional steakhouse by featuring its very own Brazilian steakhouse called Churrascaria Riodizio. The concept is simple and delicious. By flipping over red and green discs, waiters come and go with more choice cuts of meat. With top notch salad bars of sushi, antipasto and traditional casseroles the experience is a true celebration with friends and families. The best advice for any Brazilian barbecue is to come prepared to eat. 
Fresh basil and mozzarella pizza at Saluggi's

For food on the go, pizza is one of Tribeca's better choices. If you head on over to Saluggi's on Church Street you can avoid the hike over to Brooklyn for a great slice. In the eyes of Manhattanites, Saluggi's is an honorary Brooklyn pizza spot with interesting concoctions such as brussel sprout pizza with bacon and a great crispy, thin crust crust. Cheese lovers flock here for their piled on cheese pizzas while meat lovers come for the mini meatball pizza. The huge portions are just an added bonus for this cozy Tribeca spot. 


Shopping in Tribeca is certainly not for your average tourist. In an area known for its high priced residents, the shopping choices fit the same mold. However, Tribeca has a little something for everyone if you take the time to stroll by specialty shops and browse for unique finds.

A portoro and gold marble art deco clock from Antiqueria
Those interested in decorating their stylist loft can head over to Antiqueria Tribeca. The high end furniture store specializes in 20th Century European furniture that is hand picked by the owners themselves. There are vintage items from Murano and Lalique with great pieces from Parisian leather chairs to art deco light fixtures.

Finally, a store dedicated to the other high end Tribeca resident has been creating a name for  itself  since 1992. The posh pet and rugged pet can find something here from its selection of natural pig ears and  bones to green tea shampoos and multi-vitamins. Quirky toys and ultra practical pet supplies keep customers coming back.

The 2nd floor of Miyake's art infused store
If decorating yourself is a bit more important than decorating your home or pampering your pet then find your way to Issey Miyake on Hudson Street. The shopping experience is just as worthy as the quality designs you will find here. The Frank Ghery designed titanium sculpture weaves itself through the 15,000 square foot flagship store.

Aside from the beautifully designed caste-iron building, Miyake houses all of  his most creative collections here. If you're looking for something truly different check out the "a piece of cloth" line with an entire cut-out style ensemble from the single, long cloth. 


The sky high view at 53 Park Place
Residing in Tribeca largely consists of condominiums and hush hush deals. While the investment bankers, actors and well to do like to keep things under wraps, there are a number of rental buildings sharing the wealth. Tribeca residents receive a great opportunity to live in great renovated factories with high ceilings, large loft spaces and a touch of Soho artistic style. 
A few major development companies have the neighborhood well under control. Tribeca Green, Tribeca Park and Tribeca Tower all belong to the Related Companies while 50 Murray and 53 Park Place belong to the World-Wide Group. Amongst all of these, there is something different for each and every tenant. Many health conscious and family oriented New Yorkers flocked to Tribeca Green upon opening in light of its LEED Gold status and green living amenities. 

1-bedroom living space at 50 Murray
Tribeca Park and Tribeca Tower both share exclusive services such as in-home package delivery, move-in coordination and a personal assistant. In the more modern Tribeca Park, residents enjoy a fully equipped conference center, children's playroom, garden and heated swimming pool. 

Over at 50 Murray, residents enjoy one of the best in-house gyms around. Equinox Fitness Club and Spa is just steps from the main lobby with over 27,000 square feet of space. With a significant resident discount, tenants enjoy everything from spinning to steam rooms. 

Bedroom at Tribeca Tower
One thing that sets newer tribeca buildings apart is their height. Unlike the older factories, newer buildings like 50 Murry soar over the Lower Manhattan area for full panoramic views at the sky basketball court and roof terrace.

Overall, living or just visiting Tribeca for a day can be filled with artistic wonder, special events and gourmet food in the rustic yet cosmopolitan neighborhood.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Retro Is Not Always Better

Inside The Lamb's Club
From the Brooklyn expansion of 1960's inspired burger joint, Cheeburger Cheeburger, to the peanut butter rules all menu at Peanut Butter & Co., New Yorkers are fond of nostalgia and quirky food fare. One of the city's newest restaurant's is a reminder why some things are better alone. The Lamb's Club in Midtown West has it's up's and down's from less than wowing food choices to wavering service. 

The Ambiance

As far as hotel restaurants go, I am not a fan. However, the Lamb's Club has such an interesting back story that it could stand alone from the hotel. The Lamb's Club Restaurant takes its name from the Lambs, the first professional theatrical club in the country. With theater greats such as Charlie Chaplin and Fred Astaire gracing the building, the ambiance of today is an ode to elegant and classic Hollywood retro style. 

The old time Hollywood decor at the Lamb's Club
Along with the red seating and red light accents splashed with chrome the black walls are the finishing touch to highlight the Hollywood star framed photos that line the walls. For some, this is a gimmick that is too often seen. Personally, I appreciate the effort but could do without the ogre-sized fireplace that awkwardly sits in the main dining room. 

The scene itself is what will have many flocking to the restaurant and bar. Actors, models, writers and socialites have already come out in droves which will help make Lamb's a celeb stakeout. Will the Lamb's Club be the new Sardi's? Probably not. 

The Food

For a meat and potatoes man like myself, I am usually left with a growling stomach at higher end restaurants. Luckily, the Lamb's Club offers varied portions for all. To give you an idea, I brought along my usual tiny dining companion and her even tinier friend so we could sample meals large and small. 

For appetizers, we had the grilled octopus with lemongrass, turnips and potatoes, the foie gras terrine with black mission figs an grilled country bread, and the Lamb's Club Salad with crispy egg dressing and fresh tarragon. I would highly recommend the octopus. It has a light outer crisp that gently hides the inner softness you want from octopus and not overly deep-fried calamari. My friend's foie gras was fine but nothing too great. A thinner cut served warm and lightly seared would have made this much better. As for the salad, if you are going to include the name of your restaurant in it then it better be damn good. Unfortunately, it was uninspired and I could have saved the money and made this at home. 

For our entrees, I had the roasted lamb saddle served with polenta and pignoli and a side of roasted fingerling potatoes. This was the saving grace for The Lamb's Club. In my experience lamb is often overdone but here it was rich, savory, tender and lightly sweet.

My friend's enjoyed their dishes of wild striped bass with fennel, lemon, olives, tomato and seared scallops with porcini mushrooms. While there was nothing particularly wrong with these dishes, they were prepared and presented exactly how you would expect. Nothing surprising. Nothing joyfully different that pleasantly makes me want to come back again. We skipped out on dessert but what was there to compel us to order more?

The Drink
Hefty $18 cocktails, "The Lambs Cup"
What redeemed much of this visit to the Lamb's Club was their drink menu. If you are coming to mingle with beautiful people and drink quirky infusions then swing by here after the 9 to 5 in Midtown. The offering is not the best in Manhattan but it seems so varied that there is something for all tastes. 

Out of all the drinks we had, I will give special mentions to the Lamb's Cup infused and garnished with fresh pomegranate and cucumber and 2006 Haye's Vineyard Pinot Noir. My only complaint would be that there seemed to be no cohesion as far as the entire wine list was concerned but that is forgivable in a hotel restaurant that cater's to all. As a side note, the cocktail list which is worth the visit was designed by Milk and Honey's Sasha Petraske.


I am not a stranger to average entrees for high prices. Even the $18 cocktails were bearable considering the atmosphere. The straw that broke the camel's back for me was the service. The service was hit and miss. The hostess who was lovely at first got a bit annoyed after asking more about the history and opening of the restaurant. 

I chalk this up to being busy even though the place was half empty. What I am a little taken aback by was the waiter's inattentiveness to our requests i.e. medium rare, fingerling potatoes not mashed potatoes. For the prices and the apparent prestige they are trying to pull off I hoped for a better trained staff. But Rome wasn't built in a day. These are kinks that can easily be fixed if done fast.

Froggr Rating: 2.5/5

Visited the Lamb's Club for yourself and want to chime in? Send your comments, suggestions, etc. below.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chelsea & UWS Takeover During Boutique Week

Walls overflowing with jewelry at This 'n' That
New York is always first with fashion and this time is no different. Premiering October 24th through 31st is Boutique Week. With participating cities including New York, Boston and L.A., the event is not even finished and already has boutiques from Miami, Chicago and San Francisco signed up to join in the spring. Participating boutiques will have at least half of the store's stock at 25% off or more. Many stores have the entire stock discounted at more than 25% off. 

Chelsea and Upper West Side boutiques are at the forefront of the inaugural year. Of the Chelsea boutiques participating which includes Parke & Ronen and Sabon, perhaps one of the most unique is This 'n' That. Best put by The New York Times, "The window is crammed with vintage jewelry". Vintage costume jewelry, bric-a-brac, lighting fixtures and glass fills the shop for wholesale and retail alike with enough vintage jewelry for you to finish out Boutique Week still inside.

Boutique On 57 stylish interior
A quick ride on the F train to 57th Street will lead you to what may be one of the best unknown deals of the season. At 80% off half of the store, Boutique on 57 sells end of the season overstock from top designers. All of the boutique's merchandise is up to 70% lower than retail value and personally chosen by celebrity stylist Kasia Bosne. A few of the designers include Versace, Cavalli, Ungaro and Christine Lacroix.

Check out more participating boutiques and discounts here. Already shopped at one the Boutique Week shops? Tell us how it went!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

One New (and zig-zagged) Reason To Love Hell's Kitchen

Sky high view of terraces at Clinton Park
Nestled on the edge of Hell's Kitchen next to Dewitt Clinton Park lies one of Midtown West's newest additions. Designed by TEN Arquitectos, Enrique Norton, the new rental development by Two Trees Management is set to open in 2012 and is zig-zagging its way into notoriety. The development known as Clinton Park will be a 30 story, 675 unit mixed use building which includes NYPD stable space and a standard setting Mercedes-Benz dealership. 

Located on 54th street with a great Clinton Park view, plans call for a massive health club, retail space, a 10,000 square foot market and two building lobbies. Scaling back from the original 900 units, the residence portion will begin after the 2 story base.

The base itself will be comprised by the large dealership and lobbies on opposite building entrances. Atop of the base will be larger terraces and skylights. The multilevel dealership will compliment the innovative building design as the model for Benz dealerships to come. 
Dewitt Clinton Park view
"Autohaus" design on Clinton Park ground floor
The 230,000 square foot "Autohaus" design is 5 levels with 2 levels above ground and all glass from the walls to the stairs. In addition to the selection of Benz's, Maybach's and smart cars, residents can take advantage of the 225 underground car parking lot for their own vehicles.

The dealership will be complete in  the first quarter of 2011 and the building sometime in 2012. The project will include residences ranging from 500 to 800 square feet. The unique zig-zag design rises from 7 to 30 stories of residences in all. One of the best parts is that the design allows for many outdoor terraces or balconies for what will most likely be studios to 2-bedrooms. With the slanting design, all renters will have garden views. The far West Side area is up and coming with Silver Towers, Riverside Center South and now, Clinton Park.

Wondering what else is going on in Midtown West? Check it out here

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Froggr Guide to Midtown West

Midtown skyscrapers set the tone aside Chelsea homes
Midtown as a whole is the most heavily used commercial district in the United States today and holds the title for one of the most diversely used pieces of real estate in the world. Midtown West has much to do with the areas immense success. The area is bounded by 6th to 12th Avenues and 34th to 59th Streets. This  25 block area alone holds Hell's Kitchen, the Theater District and much of Times Square and the Garment District. 


The Glitz of 42nd St- Times Square Station
Getting to any of these neighborhoods of Midtown West is equally as easy for tourist and native New Yorkers alike. Along 8th Avenue, the A/C/E stops along 34th St. Penn Station, 42nd St. Port Authority and 50th Street. Along 7th Avenue from Times Square to Central Park, service on the 1/2/3, B/D and N/Q/R lines are available local or express. 

While many people do it daily, taking a bus through the Midtown area is very difficult because of high traffic at all times. Consider alternate (and fun) above ground forms of transportation such as a rickshaw carts. For tourist, the double decker City Sightseeing Tour buses are a great way to see the city while getting to where you need to go as a "hop on, hop off" style tour. 

Local Attractions

A little bit of everything at Times Square
Midtown West is perhaps the epicenter of what the outside world sees as New York entertainment. The Times Square area caters much to tourist and youth but has a bit of something for even the most experienced New Yorker. For the younger crowd, parents don't have to go far as Ripley's Believe It Or Not, Madame Tussaud's, M&M World and Toys R' Us are all close by. 

With attractions such as sword swallowers, a Marilyn Monroe wax figure and 60 foot tall Ferris wheel you can bypass the trek to Coney Island. Old or young, everyone can enjoy the movie theaters, Dave & Buster's Arcade and the many special events that take place in the area such as the New years Eve ball. 

A scene from La Cage aux Folles
Outside of the main tourist center of Manhattan, New Yorkers can enjoy a number of live shows, musicals, and sporting events. The Theater District and Theater Row is where many Broadway and off-Broadway shows take place. With theater classics such as Lion King and Mamma Mia to newcomers of Memphis and American Idiot, the district is welcoming of all tastes. 

Get your celebrity fix as well by seeing The Merchant of Venice with Al Pacino, La Cage aux Folles with Kelsey Grammer or A Little Night Music with Bernadette Peters. If you prefer the art of dance, the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater is nearby for great performances choreographed by Ailey and Judith Jamison. 

For sporting events and popular musical acts, Madison Square Garden is located at 4 Penn Plaza near 34th Street Penn Station. Come see the New York Knicks ball it out or revel in the concert atmosphere with upcoming acts such as Usher, Ozzy Osbourne or Andrea Bocelli. If you can't handle the large crowds, hop in a taxi to the nearby Daily Show with John Stewart, The Colbert Report with Steven Colbert or The Late Show with David Letterman.

Lanes and lounge at Lucky Strikes
Finally, away from the hustle and bustle of it all past 11th Avenue there is one great Midtown West attractions that cannot be left unmentioned. Finding many classic forms of entertainment in Manhattan is difficult due to the metropolitan atmosphere. It was more than likely that you would find an arcade or bowling alley in one of the outer boroughs up until now. Lucky Strikes Bowling is a perfect blend between big city appeal and classic entertainment that our parent's our accustomed. With late night happy hours, lounge areas, upscale finger food and all the alcohol you can want, this is bowling done right. 


Russian Tea Room Main Dining Room
While the area has large restaurants such as Dallas BBQ's and Red Lobster in Times Square, Midtown West has many unique food finds that the most seasoned new Yorker should give a try. For fine dining and business lunches, the Russian Tea Room and Capital Grille are some of Midtown's best. At the Russian Tea Room, opulence is the only way to describe the carved gold leaf decor, red drapery and juggling bear shaped aquarium. The extensive wine and vodka list is followed up by well prepared traditional Russian dishes such as beef stroganoff and chicken kiev.

What a porterhouse really looks like at Capital Grille
Stop in before 4pm for the royal high tea tasting menu served with caviar on blinis,  exotic loose teas, sandwiches and champagne. Just 6 blocks uptown, Capital Grille resides inside the Time Life building. The restaurant is well known for their dry aged steaks and wine collection over 7,000 bottles. With dish offerings of kona crusted dry-aged sirloin with shallot butter and double cut lamb rib chop, the 3 course pre-theater menu at $39 per person is a reason enough to see a show. 

If you are not fortunate enough to have the time for a sit down meal, Daisy May's BBQ USA Cart will save you time without skimping on flavor. Daisy May's cart comes straight from the kitchen of Daisy May's BBQ USA restaurant on 11th Avenue. The cart, located on 50th Street between 6th and 7th, is known for its Southern style cuisine. Ranging from Kansas City style ribs to Tennessee bourbon peaches, Daisy May's takes the eclectic approach to Southern fare. While you cannot order a whole roast pig at the cart, you can order everything else served at the restaurant. Try the Carolina pulled pork sandwich with a mustard base or the sweet tea served in a mason jar for a true Southern touch.

Food orgy of sweet cherry pie at Little Pie & Oklahoma Beef Rib at Daisy May's
For those readers with a sweet tooth, Midtown West has more than just Crumb's Bakery. There is no real gimmick with Little Pie just good old fashioned diner style pie. Some of their classics are remade with a new twist such as the sour cream apple walnut pie. The traditional apple pie is done up with cinnamon crust, a crunchy coffee cake-like top coat and a blend of sour meets sweet. By far one the company's top sellers with their lemon meringue and Mississippi mud pie are close contenders. All of the pies are rich, creamy and can be served warm with a la mode. The red vinyl stools and small shop has great throwback appeal that you can enjoy with a few friends or all by yourself. Either way, the 5" wide pies are perfectly portioned to share or alone.


Assortment of great finds at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market
The area can be great or horrible for shopping depending on who you talk to. Many tourist and natives alike find the plethora of stores such as Macy's, Coach, H&M, Forever21 and the Manhattan Mall all within walking distance to be convenient. Aside from larger stores, the area has many smaller ones with deals seldom seen in other Manhattan locations. Even if department stores such as Rainbow and Clippers are not your fancy, who can pass up deals on essential items like tanks in every color, on the go sweats and even last minute party wear.

Versace Store along 5th Avenue
Higher end fashion can be found one block over in Midtown East, fashion flourishes along 5th Avenue with stores such as Saks 5th Avenue, Emilio Pucci and Prada. To the vintage fashion connoisseurs, major chain stores and major bucks does not always equal true fashion. Luckily, Fashion Avenue rests smack dab in the middle of Midtown West for a reason. For those who want to get their fashion off the beaten path, venture over to Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. Many of the vendors in this large market operate at both The Annex, a Chelsea market, and at Hell's Kitchen. From ethnic Tibetan apparel and decor at Mountain Nepali to mid-century steamer trunks at George's Collectibles anything and everything with vintage appeal can be found here. 


Brownstone lined streets of Hell's Kitchen
Living in the area has its major advantages. Located in the heart of Manhattan, everything is easily accessible whether it be shopping, dining, entertainment or work. With the good comes the bad however. The major complaint about living in the area is perhaps the noise traffic and sheer crowding in the area. With over 45 million visitors in 2009, many passed right through the Midtown West area at Times Square. While some people love the hustle and bustle that is New York, Midtown residents still have a choice to living quietly. In the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood, many brownstones still remain that add to the neighborhood appeal. With small shops and eateries the area feels much like that of East Village or Chelsea compare to the skyscraper clad area we all know as Midtown. 

Residences at The Rushmore
On the outskirts of Midtown West, also known as the Far West Side, new developments are on the rise. As one of the last undeveloped areas of the city, the city and major developers are doing it big. A mix of affordable housing and luxury rentals will complete the area. Large tracts of the area will be dedicated to retail space, new schools and open green space. Riverside Center South by Extell is already in the works with The Rushmore and Aldyn completed. Further east on 36th between 7th and 8th, Glenwood has built another successful addition to their roster, Emerald Green. By green, they mean EnergyStar appliances, rooftop garden terraces and bamboo flooring.  Representing the New York way of variety and a little bit of something for everyone, Midtown West has some for everyone. 

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nothing Beats Free In FiDi!

While Union Square and Williamsburg seem to get all the best free events, this weekend is FiDi's time to shine. On Saturday, October 9th, Dance New Amsterdam will be hosting their annual Free Class Day! event. Starting at 9am you can register on a first come, first serve basis for one of the many classes throughout the day that run from 10am-7pm. 

A wide range of classes and levels will be offered from contemporary jazz, intermediate ballet to advanced hip-hop. There will also be wellness classes from  Thai massage to  advanced yoga. If dancing is not your style, come for the free acupuncture and massages in the Wellness Room. 

After working up a sweat or soothing the soul, join the teachers and other dancers at 7pm for free champagne  sponsored by Bubble Lounge. At 8pm, the evening will commence with a one-time only dance performance. from faculty and the 2009 Jim Garvey Scholarship recipient. Free dancing and alcohol? This gets better every moment!

Find out the class schedule and reserve your space, here.

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